Hi Friends!

It's the time again where we shift our attention to the lowly manger that held the man that would be the truest example of a life led loving others well. This is the only infant that could cause grown wiseman to follow a star, the shepherds to stand in awe before angels, and the King to tremble. He was love itself.  He surely has been with us in season's past, season's current, and there's full assurance of His nearness in our future seasons. 

We have been blown away by all of the growth that has happened as we are coming to a close on the glorious year of 2015.  Wanted to reflect on the exciting year we have had  with the Two Cents Project. This year was a year for us of pioneering, fulfilling dreams of the present and past, and creating zealous vision for the future. Below is our year in review, we are deeply grateful for your partnership and involvement with us. Your Two Cents has changed our world.


In the latter part of January we partnered with Louder Than Words conference and held a Foot Washing for our homeless friends in Tulsa, OK. at the Tulsa Dream Center. We wanted to have a banquet for our friends modeled after what was fitting for a banquet filled with the homeless in Matthew 22. Above and Beyond. There were over 300 homeless that attended. We were able, through those who generously sowed, through the wonderful leadership of young adults,  to bring radical love to their cities,  providing food for  300 of our homeless friends, shoes for those who needed it, and face-to-face engagement  as we washed their feet. It was a huge success and we are so thankful for those that served and for those that were not seen but prayed with us. We saw a generation of young adults come together with their gifts and reach a city with selfless compassion. A moving day for us to look back on.


From January unto the summer I began dreaming and planning a national tour to take what I had experienced  over the past 6 years to the entire nation. As we began scouting cities, locations, and ministries we saw doors begin to open one after another through connections, provision, and strategy. Proof that when there is vision, He always brings the provision. It's a miracle every single time. Simple young adults being used to bring dreams to life that impact our nation. We reached over 13 cities, travelled through 20 states partnered with countless ministries, and threw parties in the inner cities with the vision of engaging with thousands of souls; poor and rich, hopeless and hopeful, sick and healed throughout our month long journey. Our focus was to love America well, and tell their untold stories through blogs, media, photography, and storytelling.  We partnered with conferences, and met students across America, that have a heart of zeal to see their cities transformed, a generation awoken up to the needs of others, giving their two cents to change things. It provoked us.
            So thankful for the team of young adults that followed our journey, invested in what we were doing, pioneering the way before us in prayer, supporting us, and encouraging our vision before others could see the fruit. A crew of 10 great friends gave up their summer to pioneer this vision, asking Him for a heart for the harvests of America.  We are full of  timeless stories, faces, and lives marked by young adults--loving well all across America.

The tour served as a springboard into the next phase of Two Cents. I was deeply marked during our tour by the ministry of Lou Engle and TheCall, a ministry hosting stadium filled prayer meetings and outreaches throughout America. Calling people to pray and fast to see America changed, pursuing unity and radical love, believing for an awakening. Out of this introduction, Two Cents  launched a discipleship initiative with the purpose of raising up young revivalists in the knowledge of who they are, capable to lead and impact their generation, truly knowing who Jesus was and the life he lived throughout the gospels. Pursuing a life of radical love, healing, praying, loving, and adventuring city to city for the sake of the world. This group of students is now leading outreaches weekly across the city learning how to see their cities, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces as a new mission field. 

 Our community of Two Cents Project then launched monthly meetings called, “The Rising” in which we are calling young people to live fully in love with Jesus expressing love for him in everyday life. From the story of Ezekiel 37- The Valley (Generation) of dry bones awakening and rising up, taking back ground.  (We are extremely excited about this!)


As we look forward to 2016, there are an array of things we are dreaming up in the process of planning with our desire being  reaching even more hearts one by one by one in creative, collective, and unified ways. Planning on our second annual summer tour in Summer of 2016 is part of the plan book.
 We deeply value your support and partnership and look forward to what Jesus has in store! Stay connected as we will releasing details about upcoming events in the New Year. 

Experiencing what we have experienced this year, is only part of it, we are passionate about seeing it ignite or generation with us sharing the insiders of what we have pursued and encountered. If you would like our team to speak into your young adults gatherings, conference, or church telling our stories from our journey across America, bringing  zeal for the poor and  the harvest in your city, we would love to chat with you,  email us at

We love you, and wish you a Merry Merry Christmas remembering the season that brought forth our greatest role model, who loved humanity well---Jesus. 

- Two Cents Project