The variety of opportunities we have had since Friday have encompassed multiple spheres of life. Every age has been ministered to, the most practical needs have been met, and the deepest wounds have been healed by His hand. We have accompanied Oscar and his On Eagles' Wings ministry team in their routine visits to seven of the 90 feeding programs that he funds and provides key nutrients the families would not otherwise receive taking care of over 9,500 children weekly. Each of these visits have included children's ministry, meals, intentional prayer, and even an eye clinic providing eyeglasses for some, their very first pair. We have also been able to be a part of the sportsmanship ministry Oscar has developed in the communities by attended a youth team baseball game and pouring into every boy, he also disciples the nations national soccer team and we attended their game in the nations stadium. We also have been painting homes and providing stable shelter for the most the humble individuals, all the while it is painting our life in a different perspective. 

Entering into Nicaragua was entering another world, a dynamic and culture far removed from that which we came from, yet one of such beauty and treasure. The latter has become more and more evident with every moment we encounter new villages, toddlers, old souls, and churches alike. God is no respecter of persons. He is not limited in His reach or confined at large by our limited thinking. He is diverse. He knows no bounds and transcends all cultures, races, denominations, and languages. The Holy Spirit unifies us as one, and this we have seen firsthand. 

Differences in dialects between two ethnicities is present, and no doubt, makes itself apparent in every verbal interaction that takes place, mostly to everyone's amusement. English intermingled with broken Spanish all interwoven with attempted accents is followed by English responses from our hosts or interpretation from a translator when speaking with others. Initially, it seemed to have created an obstacle by which interactions were limited and unexposed frustration existed. 

With every feeding program visited, mother prayed over, and child's exuberant laughter, our fixation was not on apparent barriers but on the Holy Spirit's ability to move and transform in the midst of the circumstances. What appears an obstacle in the physical is only an opportunity for the Lord to reveal His transcendence above earthly limitations and our shortcomings and remind us that He always responds to our obedience. Seeing people get healed through our simple prayers, food get multiplied that seems to be running out-- it seems so unfamiliar to us in America. it's as if only if you have encountered need in such great measure would you feel and willingly see his active power so significantly. He so responds to our need. The fruit that we have seen from the simplest of interactions in the humblest of settings has revealed the Lord's goodness and faithfulness. We are whole-hearted expectant. He never seizes to amaze, and will forever make His name known, even in the darkest of places.