We were welcomed with gratitude and love, many of the group landing on unfamiliar soil and embarking on a week of uncharted waters, and all of the team expectant of what partnership with On Eagles' Wings would hold in the coming days. Knowing the small beginnings, exponential growth, and grand vision of its founders and operations, the coming months and years will surpass any earthly expectation. Our feet and hands at work in the first couple of days have not only brought provision and hope for the local communities, but have granted us access to impart the identity and love the Lord has decreed over each of the women, men, and children we encounter. It has also provoked eternal perspective for the current moment, as well as internal analysis of where we have come from. 

We have found ourselves to be born, growing up, and living in a wealthy country. Is it happenstance, luck, or a responsibility? We have yet to utilize the full potential that God has bestowed upon us, planted in us, and yearns to enable in us, but we have begun. We have begun and are ever growing in understanding our ''why.'' We have been stewarded blessings beyond what majority of the world have ever imagined possible, and yet often we reserve them for our good pleasure, comfort, and personal security. God is a good Father, one of provision and prosperity, and His heart is to bless us to overflowing-- all of us regardless of the nation we possess. We, as a community with Two Cents Project, have frequently wondered, what is our role? What can we give to the broken around us, being from one of the wealthiest nations in the world?

Lives of comfort and abundance are not wrong or counter to Scripture. It is when our comfort becomes a mentality that becomes a hindrance to giving abundantly of ourselves, time, possessions, and heart that we must make a change. Choosing to give, serve, and truly know people where they are is ultimately offering our hears to feel the pain, come under the loads, and mourn with those who mourn themselves, knowing that what we give, our "two cents " makes a difference. Opportunities are at home and abroad. Posturing our heart in a place of vulnerability, unprecedented generosity, and selflessness is creating an avenue for the Lord to do a work beyond ourselves and our own means. 

We have been given much; much is required. We have sowed in the harvest in America and are being granted the keys to the nations. 

Jesus' life was not void of inconvenience, sacrifice, and service. We have been privileged, not because of entitlement, but so we could transfer our wealth, our opportunities, and our resources to meet the deepest needs of others.  That is what we commit to do with international missions. Perhaps that's why most people participate in missions, because they recognize a need and realize by the grace of God they have something to give-- and that without the grace of God we could be in the exact situation they are in. The best of it all is He is so pleased with you and has entrusted you with much, knowing you are capable of stewarding it to bear much fruit in the harvest of America and unto the nations. Will you give your two cents?