City of deep thinkers, driven doers, dynamic dreamers. And yet, in a place consumed with innovation, intellect and the wisdom of man, the cobblestone streets resound with past moves of God, beckoning us to bow low in humility and awe before the God who sits enthroned high and above the circle of the earth.

Boston was vastly different than any other place on our tour. We wondered what exactly God had for our team in this city. What was the GOLD that the Lord was inviting us to SEE, and to powerfully call forth? We waited and pressed in collectively as a team. For though the darkness looked different than a Lower Manhattan park filled with drug dealers and homeless--it was still evident and permeated the streets all over the city. Our hearts longed to see the beauty of Jesus illuminated for every eye to see and his power be exalted in this city.

We arrived in Boston behind schedule and still unsure of where everyone would stay. Exhausted, hungry, but bright-eyed and full of faith for Jesus to show up and show off, we were welcomed into the city with the wide-open arms of the JHOP Boston community-- they loved us so well. Our hearts exploded with joy and love as we saw a vibrant community of college students, young professionals, mamas and papas, and preachers and teachers that were wholly given over to Jesus in love, covenanted and committed to His purposes birthed in Boston. They immediately became family, and we were blown away by their passion and drive even among the worlds top intellectual elites. We were so honored to be given the mic that night to share what God had been doing throughout our tour. Two Cents Project founder, Bri Hoyt, spoke and exhorted each of us who gathered to SEE and STOP for the one in front of us, everywhere that Jesus has so intentionally and strategically placed us. She left the community with a powerful charge. For we're called to rise up out of boredom, passivity, and apathy and GO as vessels of mercy and redemption for a broken world longing to see and be free. Many were prayed for and commissioned that night-- as Sent Ones--to seek and save that which was lost.

The next day, we hit the campus of Harvard. Founded in 1636. Intended as a seminary and training center for the gospel to go forth into all the earth. Now a bastion of secular humanism and the exaltation of man. Yet, engraved on one of the walls is Psalm 8:4 - "what is man that Thou art mindful of him?" Prophetic? Yes. A declaration. Of a turning to come, to ancient paths. For the foundations of the campus, of the entire city of Boston, cry out as stones of remembrance - for Harvard's original design to shake the earth with the Lordship of Jesus Christ, as unashamed sons and daughters flood the earth with His image, bringing heaven, establishing kingdom, all for His glory.

Our team armed ourselves with Starbucks gift cards and a mandate to "just love. Simply love," we stepped onto the campus with eyes peeled for the ones the Lord had ordained. Students were perplexed, by agenda-less love. But they couldn't say no to a pure love. Faculty bewildered, by pure-hearted encouragement and kindness. Sacrificial giving. Words of life. "You made my day!" "Wow thank you!" "Wait, WHY did you give me this?" "What do you actually believe?" Amazing conversations, moments of prayer, and seeds planted. Faith exploding in our hearts as it began to rain && pour, and we all felt a shift. We loved-- and the Lord created light in darkness.  Rains of refreshing. Rains of redemption.
we saw the fruit-- we were awestruck in wonder.

Our time in Boston was short but sweet, and unquestionably divine. We SAW. WE LOVED. And we were moved with compassion. And we realized that our whole trip was a prophetic declaration over the city - dependency. poverty of spirit. laying it all down, staying radically yielded and alive in trust. for simple obedience changes history. so we get to chuck our perfectly crafted plans and follow Him fully, even - especially - into the unknown.
how beautiful it is when we surrender things at his feet, and get to watch in wonder what he creates with it.

Truly the tide is turning in Boston, at Harvard. The Lord loves this land and the prayers prayed here, by Francis Asbury, by John Wesley, by the Mt. Hermon 100, by the countless ones from centuries past, continue to rise before Him like incense. And it is TIME, for unprecedented harvest. That from the Northeast once again, the sound of revolution would rise. Like the alarm of Paul Revere and the cry of Patrick Henry. But this will be a Love Revolution, as the revelation of the supreme beauty and worth of Jesus Christ baptizes the masses. Revolution. Unto Revival and Reformation. And restoration, of all that was lost - ancient wells of influence, leaves for the healing of the nations. And another student volunteer missions movement. With the best and the brightest laying everything down that Jesus would be exalted, discipling NATIONS, and unlocking heaven in the furthest reaches.

Taste and see, oh He is so good.