The past seven years, Two Cents Project has conducted trips for students creating an opportunity to experience transformation giving what they have.  A generation stepping out in boldness... out of their comfort zones and hometowns, being available to change the world with what they carry. We believe in a generation that  recognizes their gifts and talents and knows their identity. It is from this place they can  effectively give their two cents from the true power from inside of them to change the lost, broken, rich, poor and hurting.

This year, our heart is to invest in a group of leaders bringing out the brightest light in Nicaragua.  In Nicaragua, we will be investing our heart, mind, talents and emotions into the health of the women of this nation. Those who may be hidden and discouraged, pulling them into the light. This will include speaking, interacting with the poor, hosting events,  hosting workshops, beauty spa nights, and leaving a skill set with the people that's practical. Sharpening raw talent, traveling, being a voice for the underprivileged.  We will be using our creative skills to tell a new story for the world to see a generation that's rising up in this nation. Join us in this leadership initiative, as we change the lives of countless women in Nicaragua.

The Basics
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The Details
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We are so honored you would join us. We believe in you. We will be communicating to you through email with more details to come. We cannot wait to see the lives of Nicaragua transformed through your generosity.